Private Wealth and Luxury Item Guest Speaker

Speaking event

Just over a week ago, I was delighted to be a guest speaker at a private wealth and luxury items event hosted by Alex Forbes and Hepburns Private Clients in Jersey. I talked about the ups and downs of the pre-owned watch market over the past few years, focusing on Rolex in particular and how that has translated into under and over-insurance.

We also went on a trip down memory lane back to when watches were still timepieces and the concept of watches as investments were still in its infancy. It’s always fun watching people’s reactions when they see that not so long ago, some of the most in-demand watches were some of the least desirable models that, believe it or not, struggled to sell.

I do this to highlight the fact that nobody really knows what watches will make good investments, if any, or what the next ‘big’ watch will be. So buy a watch you like, as opposed to buying speculatively.

It was also great to meet and network with such a fantastic group of speakers and guests; it certainly made for another enjoyable trip to Jersey.

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