How much does a jewellery valuation cost?

As you would expect, the question of 'how much does a valuation cost?' is often one of the very first questions asked. This is a rather broad question, and of course, we can't comment on how other companies charge, but we can explain our fees and why we feel they represent the fairest approach.

At Clarity Valuations, we believe in being completely open and transparent with our fees. We do not base our fees on a percentage of the item(s) value, as this is not only unfair but could lead to a conflict of interest. Why? Because you have to know how much your valuation will cost from the start. And can you honestly think of any other service where you wouldn't have the faintest idea of how much it was going to cost until it was completed?

This is why our fees are fixed per item, so you will know exactly how much your valuation will cost before any work is undertaken, irrespective of how much your item is worth and with absolutely no additions and no hidden surprises. A completely free and no-obligation quote is always given before undertaking any work.

Valuation fees

We believe in being transparent with our fees, which is why we charge the same regardless of whether your valuation is for Insurance, Probate, Family Division, or any other type that we offer.

  • You pay a fixed fee for each item valued, not a percentage of the item's value.
  • You will know how much your valuation will cost before booking your appointment.
  • Everything is included in the fixed fee, so there are no hidden extras.
  • Valuations are available either in a high-quality hardbound folder, with a PDF copy, or just as the PDF, depending upon your preference.
  • You can update your valuation at any point at a preferential rate.
  • Preferential rates for members of the NHS, emergency services and armed forces.
  • Same day priority service available (conditions apply)

Every valuation contains a full description of your item(s), including stone weights, dimensions, hallmark details, gross weight, digital images, and the current value, including the relevant market.

We can tailor a fixed fee for large collections that reflects your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss.

Description Cost
Digital Report Fee:
(PDF Copy only)
£50.00 (One off charge per valuation)
Printed Report Fee:
(Printed & PDF Copy)
£60.00 (One off charge per valuation)
Standard diamond/gem set items:              £60.00 each
Standard watches: £60.00 each
Premium items: (From) £90.00 each
Priority completion fee: £60.00
Example One Cost 
Digital Report Fee: £50.00
Singe item (Standard diamond/gem set inspection):       £60.00
Total: £110.00
Example Two Cost 
Printed Report Fee: £60.00
Single item (standard diamond/gem set inspection):   £60.00
Total: £120.00

Premium items

These take longer to research and include vintage watches, antiques, multi-stone set pieces, and single stone diamonds over 1.00ct, not accompanied by a report from an accredited interdependent laboratory, such as GIA or HRD. (For single stone diamonds over 1.00ct, which are accompanied by an accredited report, standard fees apply).

Priority completion

We understand how easy it is to lose track of time and for your insurance renewal to be due suddenly. Our standard completion time frame of 7-10 working days might not be quick enough in situations like that.

So to help, we offer a priority completion service where will undertake the inspection and provide you with a completed valuation the same day. Additional fee, appointment time, item limitations and conditions apply. Please contact us to discuss and book your appointment.

Preferential rates for emergency services and armed forces

We recognise the fantastic work undertaken by members of our emergency services and armed forces. So we are delighted to offer a 10% discount on all of our fees to anyone employed in the Armed Forces, NHS, Fire Service, Police Service and community first responders. To claim your discount, tell us at your appointment booking that you are employed in one of these services and present a valid staff ID or registered Blue Light Card during your appointment.

Fees for re-valuations

We also offer a preferential re-valuation service on items we have valued previously. Each piece is charged at 50% of the current item fee, plus the relevant report fee. This helps to ensure that you do not find yourself either under or over-insured despite continuous fluctuations within the relevant markets.

We welcome enquiries from members of the public, the jewellery trade, private companies and local authorities.