What is a percentage based pricing system?

Percentage based system

This is where the cost of your valuation is based on a percentage of the valuation total.  A typical example would be a report fee of £x.xx then 2.0% of the value and then VAT.

The problem with this approach is firstly you have no idea what your valuation will cost, until it has been completed. How many services would get done if you didn’t know what it was going to cost until it was done? Not many I bet.

The second issue we have with this approach is the potential for a conflict of interest.  How do you know the value is accurate? How do you know the value hasn’t been squeezed up to obtain a bigger fee?  The problem is you don’t.

With every initial consultation we give you a completely free and no obligation quotation, it is then entirely up to you whether you wish to proceed.

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