Education and training never stops!

HPHT Synthetic diamond

It’s often said that the most important piece of equipment a valuer will ever own is their eyes. And like all equipment, education and training are required to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

This image shows an included diamond with inclusions that appear as parallel rods. Which I appreciate means nothing to anyone without training, but for those of us who have, they are a red flag. These little rods look disconcertingly like metallic needle inclusions, often found in HPHT synthetic diamonds. Further testing confirmed that this stone was indeed an HPHT synthetic diamond, which was sad news to the client and the pre-owned jewellery company that sold it, as both parties purchased it as a natural stone.

If it weren’t for the lab-grown diamond course from the Gem Academy, I, too, would have missed the importance of these inclusions and failed to get the most out of my most important piece of equipment.

Education and training never stops!

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