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CLARITY (NOUN): The quality of being clear, in particular, coherent and intelligible.
VALUATIONS (NOUN):  An estimation of the worth of something, especially one carried out by a professional valuer.

For me, my job is a passion.  It was a fire that was sparked over twenty years ago when I started work in my local jewellers straight after I left school.  Since then I have had the privilege of working for some of the most respected names within the jewellery, watch and pawnbroking industries.  But the one aspect of the trade that has always captivated me, has been valuations.  I used to marvel at how a valuer could take a piece of jewellery and just from looking at it, be able to tell how much it was worth.  To my young eyes it seemed like some form of magic, although I have to admit I quickly realised that it wasn’t magic, but in fact an awful lot of hard work.  But from those early days, I knew I wanted to be a valuer and the day I became a member of the Institute of Registered Valuers was one of the proudest days of my career.   

In the twenty-plus years that I have been doing this job, the requirements for the provision of a watch or jewellery valuation has changed almost beyond measure.  When I started almost every jeweller had a ‘valuer’ on staff.  Valuations were done on-site and never sent away, they were hand written and little importance was placed on working notes, evidence or the valuer’s ability to justify the ascribed value; longevity and time in the trade were enough.  

But as with everything in life, things change.  The valuing profession has become more specialised and now has national governance.  Longevity in the industry on its own is no longer enough to make you a valuer.  Now a prospective valuer needs substantial experience within the jewellery trade, hold internationally recognised gemmological and diamond grading qualifications, as well as having successfully completed the Institute of Registered Valuers, certificate of appraisal theory, (CAT) course.  Only then, can an aspiring valuer apply to and become a member of the institute (IRV).  The work also does not end there, as a valuer must undertake continuing professional development to maintain their registered valuer status.

On top of that, the requirements for the compilation of a watch or jewellery valuation have also become more stringent.  And today, a valuation is required to be a ‘fully researched and justifiable expert opinion’.  An opinion that provides interested parties with important, needed and desired information.  It may still appear as magic, but in fact, the work that goes into a watch or jewellery valuation is a combination of scientific analysis, mathematical formulas, research, experience and diligence.  It is these aspects that enable a valuer to arrive at a fully researched and justifiable value.

It is now a rarity to walk into a jeweller and find a qualified independent registered valuer on site. Now most companies require you to send your watch or jewellery away to be valued, often with the turnaround time stretching from weeks into months, which in my opinion is far too long to ask anyone to be parted from their most precious pieces.

So when I set up Clarity Valuations, I had one simple objective.  I wanted to make getting a valuation easy again.  I wanted to get back to how simple and straight forward things use to be, whilst ensuring the valuation was not only fit for purpose but also conforms to today’s stringent guidelines.

So what makes me and Clarity Valuations different? Firstly I am completely independent and have no vested interest in the pieces that I value.  My fees are structured around the number of items to be valued and not a percentage of their value. This ensures there is no conflict of interest so I am always able to provide an expert, non-biased report.  I also do not accept commission payments from jewellers or insurance companies.  Neither do I buy, sell, or broker jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, scrap gold or watches.  For me, offering my clients independence and candour is of paramount importance.

Secondly and adhering to my principal that it should be easy to obtain a valuation.  I specialise in providing a private visitation service, where I will come to your home, office, solicitors or bank to undertake the inspection part of the valuation process.  This minimises the disruption to yourself and means that you do not have to be parted from your watch or jewellery for weeks or months on end.  During each appointment, I will record all of the pertinent information in relation to your item(s), along with taking digital photographs of each piece.  Once the inspection has been completed, I leave the item(s) with you and return to the office to undertake the research aspect of the valuation.  The completed report is then forwarded on to you within a few working days. 

So whatever your valuation needs may be, whether you live in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Newport, Swansea, Taunton, Tenby, Worcester, or anywhere in the South West of England or South Wales.  You can rest assured that I and Clarity Valuations will provide you with a truly personal, professional and independent watch or jewellery valuation.


Gareth Brown FGA, DGA, MIRV
Member of the National Association of Jewellers, Institute of Registered Valuers.